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Going Back to School
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Our Response to COVID-19

What an unusual year we have had as every decision has been colored by quarantine and social distancing!  Many are asking if we will return to school in the fall and others are ready to get their kids back into therapy.  Currently we have resumed therapies for those who are ready with a few restrictions.  Parents come at the appointment time and wait in their car while one of the therapists come to bring the child in the for therapy.  At the appointed time, the child is brought back to their parent by the therapist.  Therapies are taking place in different rooms rather than in the booths in the clinic in order to reduce exposure to others and sanitation practices are being carried out each hour.  We are currently going through the guidelines from the CDC and Governor Kemp and are planning to reopen in the fall with some extra precautionary measures in place.  It is important to note that, to date, we have had no cases of COVID-19 in our building.  This is a blessing and it means we can simply continue with the practices we have in place to keep our clients, students, teachers, and therapists from getting sick.  Currently we have our calendar on the website and will adjust it as we see the need.  During this time, we encourage families to enjoy their time together and create the kind of memories that will be bigger than fear.  We can't wait to have our TBOG family back in the building and ringing with the laughter of kids and adults.  

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Covid19 Tracker-min.jpg