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Molly Masselli is the Clinical Director overseeing therapy at The Bridge of Georgia Center.  She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology, a certification as a Registered Behavior Technician, and is currently working toward her Masters degree in Special Education/ABA at Arizona State University. Being at The Bridge in various capacities for over ten years, Ms. Masselli has worked with individuals of all ages and has specialized in Applied Behavior Analysis and behavior de-escalation.  She is a certified Mindset deescalation instructor who welcomes all emotions while teaching appropriate coping skills. As a sister of someone with an autism spectrum disorder, she understands what challenges may look like both inside and outside the home.  Ms. Masselli and her team are devoted to helping your family overcome these challenges.  Please send us a message or call to set up an appointment today.  Let's do this!


Now accepting Medicaid and several insurances!  Call now to see if we are a provider for your insurance carrier!

What is ABA?

Research shows that a strong ABA program offers the very best chance of success for individuals with autism and other similar diagnoses.   Accurate data is an important component for program development and data will be readily accessible for parents and other service providers to whom the parents give access.  ABA focuses on reducing challenging behaviors while increasing positive behaviors.  An assessment is completed first and programming is developed based on the findings of that assessment.  Our dedicated staff will be ready to support you and help you develop the tools you need to find daily success for your child.  They are there to apply the principles of ABA into their therapeutic program and to offer you the same tools to use in your daily life.  ABA can address skills caress every area of life.  Whether your child is facing challenges that inhibit academic learning or challenges that decrease his ability to develop meaningful relationships, we can design a program to meet your needs.  


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