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"When you have a special needs child you need a lot more than academics in their daily learning. They need the tools so that they may cope in our world each and every day. The Bridge of Georgia embodies The total child’s well being so they may thrive academically and thrive daily socially. The staff is 100% dedicated to making a difference in each child’s life every day. We have been there for years and my daughter is absolutely thriving and it’s a joy not to watch only her thrive in her daily life there but to watch other children have incredible breakthroughs.  The Bridge of Georgia is our family."

"Our Autistic grandson had a very difficult experience at a public high school. He has begun to focus and apply himself in his academic classes and is improving his life skills. He is excited to continue to move toward graduation."

"If there were one hundred stars to rate The Bridge of Georgia, it still would not be enough. For my son Connor and I TBOG has been an answered prayer and nothing short of a miracle. Since 2013, TBOG has had a pivotal role in aiding my son Connor to rise above his diagnosis of Autism to become one of the most pleasant young men you will ever meet. When Connor entered the school in February of 2013, he was miserable in his own skin, limiting himself to just existing not thriving. Throughout the past six years, Connor has blossomed to become a social, independent, expressive, AMAZING 10-year-old young man. God Bless the staff at The Bridge of Georgia. Connor's future is limitless because of you!"

"The Bridge of Georgia is like family. I do not know where we would be today without them. I know my son is taken well care of...and they understand him. In two years he has grown not only with his academic skills, but life skills as well. Every member of the staff goes above and beyond. My expectations and goals...everything has been met at the Bridge of Georgia."

"Working as a special education teacher, I have enjoyed my experience at the Bridge. There is so much support for the staff and love for the students and parents. The connection between home and school life allows these students to be so successful academically and socially. I have found a home and I have become attached to a family I will never leave!"

"TBOG has been nothing shy of a gift from God for our family. The patience, devotion, and genuine understanding we have experienced from the staff and other families have been absolutely overwhelming. In just 5 months everyone there has become as close to us as family. We are a family.
Our girl even made a new best friend!"

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