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Wish List

Copy paper

Bulletin board paper in all colors

Disinfectant wipes

New vacuum cleaners

Teacher laptops

Industrial size trash cans

Area rugs


LED lights for gym

Raised planters

vegetable plants for planters

Garden tools

Sensory items

Bottled water

Garden hose


Intercom system


Bulletin board borders


Disposable silverware

Disposable plates

Disposable cups


ziplock bags

Industrial mop bucket

The Bridge of Georgia School meets a vital need for the families we serve.  We pride ourselves on our low tuition because our greatest desire is to see our services provided at a cost that most families can afford.  Families with children with special needs have so many additional costs associated with raising that special child from special dietary needs to therapies, their daily lives just cost more.  Our low costs mean that the bulk of our funds are invested in paying a teaching staff whose heart is big and who have a real vision for the children they serve.  They are our heroes. We count on fundraisers and donations (both monetary and in-kind gifts) to keep our school running seamlessly throughout the year.   It is through the generosity of these donors that we are able to serve the families who walk through our doors.  God has truly kept His promise to meet our needs but often uses people in order to meet those needs.  If you would like to donate, we have a list of wish items that updates regularly and there is a place on this page to donate monetarily.  Some also feel led to donate their time.  We are grateful to all who give a part of themselves in order to help our children thrive!  So thank you!

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