In 2013, the Bridge of Georgia opened its doors for school and therapies for children with special needs.  Among the founders were those who had spent many years sharing the journey of families with autism and other diagnoses.  They had the steadfast desire to determine what families needed and to provide as many of those things as possible under one roof.  Parents shared that they spent too much time driving their kids to therapies and appointments.  They stated that their kids weren't prepared for their future.  They had a desire to be heard about their kids' needs.  The founders heard the parents and created a bold ten-year plan that was comprehensive in meeting the needs that had been brought before them.  From 2013 when our opening boasted 5 students to our current enrollment of nearly sixty students, one thing has remained the same.  We have measured every decision by beginning with the end in mind.  We ask the question, "How will this serve this young person in the future?" and "How can we better prepare each student for their best life?"  Fast forward to today and you will find the following services and practices on our campus:

  • The Academy at The Bridge of Georgia serving students kindergarten through high school

  • The Therapy Center at The Bridge of Georgia providing therapy through applied behavior analysis.

  • The services of Activekidz Therapy providing occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy right on site.  

  • Sensory-friendly hair salon

  • Camp Program

  • Person-centered Planning for everyone age 14 and above

    • This is part of the process of planning for transition into vocational training or adult services.​

  • An apartment, built for us by BB&T for teaching skills in a home setting.

  • After school program

  • Life Skills classes at both the upper and lower level to prepare students for independent living.  

  • An emerging adult program, creating a continuum of services for our clients. 

Part of the plan for THe Bridge of Georgia was to nestle it in the small town of Monroe, Georgia.  Families expressed that going to Atlanta for services was not only time-consuming but exhausting.  We have found that this town has become our hometown, and has been a great support for our Center.  Explore our page.  Plan a visit.  We would love to show you the exciting things happening at The Bridge of Georgia.  


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We have canceled our first two camps due to stay-in-place orders.  Our first camp is June 22-26 and our second is July 20-24.  Register today!

ABA Therapy

We have had a soft opening to ABA and ready to see your kids back in the clinic!  Call today and leave a message to get your child on the schedule!  

Enrollment for 20-21

It is not too late to get your child enrolled for the upcoming school year.  We have scheduled days for tours and we are available to answer your questions.  We can't wait to see what the new school year holds!


The Bridge of Georgia is a place focused on developing the abilities of children of all ages and ability levels, a place where all children are welcome and can succeed.  At The Bridge, we pay careful attention to the learning style of each child, building the areas in which they are strong, while strengthening the areas in which they have difficulty. It is a place where class sizes are small and children have the opportunity to shine.


 We are committed to having the supports in place so that each child can succeed.  We believe that appropriate social skills are a building block to success and that these skills deserve attention each day.


At The Bridge of Georgia we are teaching children the skills they need to be adults who have a meaningful place in their communities.  Because of this, we strive to develop the whole child and help them be the best they can be both now and in the future.

Our vision is that our students will see the very best in one another as they learn and grow.  We desire for that acceptance to carry over into the communities in which our students will ultimately become a meaningful part. 


The Bridge was born out of a belief that every child was created with a purpose and a plan for their lives and The Bridge operates under that steadfast belief.  We seek to build the strengths of students while developing their areas of challenge so that they have the very best opportunity for success.  


Beginning with the end in mind keeps our focus ever in the future of our students and allows us to keep the very most important things in front of us as we develop your child's specific plan for learning.  


We would be honored to have the opportunity to serve your family at The Bridge of Georgia. 


Please fill out the contact form and we will be in contact.