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The Academy at

The Bridge of Georgia


If we were to describe the students at The Bridge of Georgia with one word, it would be successful.  Each child is giving their best and each teacher is finding ways to meet their students right where they are.  Their success comes in many forms.  Students are achieving academic milestones that they never thought they would meet.  Students are learning social skills and life skills that will help them have rich and meaningful lives.  Children who have communicated through behavior are acquiring meaningful use of language.  Children of all ages are forging friendships that will last throughout the years.  

The success of The Bridge of Georgia can be attributed to some of the following things you will find in our halls:

  • Universal Design for Learning

  • Project-based Learning

  • Enrichment classes such as library, PE, Social Emotional Learning, music therapy, art, and more

  • Classes whose numbers are capped at ten

  • A ratio of one staff member per five students

  • Attention to sensory needs

  • Staff fully trained in de-escalating and managing behaviors through the strategies of Mindset.

  • Learner-friendly classroom design

  • A place where alternate forms of language are normalized

  • A steadfast belief in our students

  • Warm and friendly relationships between staff and students

  • A curriculum that meets the Georgia standards

  • Accreditation by Cognia accreditation

  • A daily focus on social and emotional learning

  • A family atmosphere

There is certain intentionality in every decision that is made at The Bridge of Georgia and our students are our focus when making those decisions.  Every day and in all we do we "begin with the end in mind," as we help our students build rich, meaningful futures.  


Where we begin with the end in mind...



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