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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

In 1993 I was newly married to the love of my life when I went to the doctor about some odd symptoms I was having. After tests and more doctor visits I was diagnosed with lupus. The doctor sat me down and told me the news. I had lupus. It was at least moderate. I shouldn’t have children but the good news was (please keep in mind this is the good news) that people sometimes live as much as ten years with lupus. Then she sent me on my way. The words that doctor said that day crushed me. I was newly wed and told not to have kids and that I would have precious few years with this man I loved before I died. I mourned. The “what ifs” were overwhelming. At some point I remembered that God was in charge of my days and that I would just live them to the fullest for whatever amount of time I had. I also would come in contact with a doctor soon after that who let me know my prognosis was far better than that. Lupus didn’t have to be a death sentence. That was 27 years ago and although I have ups and downs with my health I am living my best life. God is allowing me to be a part of His great, big, beautiful plan and I am loving it. I suppose I am writing this tonight as a bit of a reminder to me and also to encourage you. The president spoke somber words today. They made my heart heavy. They made me start asking “what if”. If we become prisoners to fear and negative possibilities we can miss out on the plan God is unfolding for our lives. Right now is scary. It’s the kind of scary that makes you want to hold your loved ones close...but you can’t. Take time to speak life into the people you love Your words matter. And fear really is a liar. Don’t give that liar power over your life. At a workshop about behaviors years ago I was told there are six critical messages kids need everyday. They are:

- You are loved. - You are valued. - I trust you - You can do this. - God loves you. - You are very important to me. This week or month or year make sure every person in your house hears these messages from you. No matter what happens around us, God can calm the “what ifs”within us us if we simply hand it over to Him. He’s a big God. He can handle it. I love you fiercely!

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