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Weathering the Storm

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Although I seem to have lost track of what day it is, I think we have made it through two weeks. It seems like there should be some sort of knighting ceremony for all the parents who have made it in the trenches teaching while trying to maintain some kind of sense of normal during this quarantine. I couldn't be more proud of all of you...teachers and administrators and parents and students. You have adapted and adjusted and been flexible with all of it. I love seeing kids learning the life skills that I wish we had more time to teach in school. I have been excited to open teacher emails to see the themes and to see how kids have followed up. I think everyone has been amazing examples of how we weather storms. So now is the time to do what good teachers do on the weekends. Relax a little. Be good to yourself. Love on your kids. Reflect on the strides you made this week. The challenges in our world are big right now. I, in no way, want to downplay that. But I am delighted in the good I see in the midst of it. Part of that good is kids getting to be kids. They are riding bikes and cooking and learning to make beds and playing games with their family. It's beyond cool! The other thing I keep seeing is that our kids, the ones who have diagnoses that get labeled as kids that can't make friends or are not empathetic, or don't process social cues, didn't seem to get the memo. They are missing their friends and they are worried about people they love and noticing a change around them. That is good stuff. This week is in the books. Enjoy your weekend. There is another week a'comin': I love you fiercely!#TBOGstrong

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