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We Have Never done it this Way Before!

Week one is in the books, folks! I think it is safe to say we all did a lot of things that were out of our comfort zone. Parents became teachers and teachers became coaches and administrators became cheerleaders and data-keepers. Behaviorists became coaches and pored over information to see how they do their behavior job virtually. And kids, well those kids who don’t like change and like to have things spelled out to them well in seems they may have done the best of all of us. I am feeling proud of all of you. I have found, once the overwhelming feeling of “WHAT!?! We have have never done it this way before!” evened out that I have done some of those things I always say I wish I had time for. There is a jigsaw puzzle on the table that I wander by and put pieces in and I am reading two good books. I have journaled and sometimes napped. Yes, I have been involved in the work of the school... answering questions, encouraging others, talking with kids and parents, and participating in webinars done by other leaders who also have not done this before but which allow us to bring all our ideas to the table; however, there have been moments that reminded me of the sweet, slower way I grew up. The frenetic busyness to simply stop, allowing me moments to be still. This week please take time to breathe in the gift of time. Enjoy your kids and help them remember these troubled times by the way you have steadied them. This thing is terrible and scary and unknown in so many ways but “what man means for evil, God can use in the most beautiful ways”. Thank you for sharing the videos and pictures of having fun with your kids. They bring us all joy! In 1 Corinthians 13 in the Message Bible we are told to “trust steadily in God, Hope unswervingly, and love extravagantly”. Let’s do all that this weekend. Let’s do that well! I love you all! #TBOGstrong

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