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Things I Have Learned about Coronavirus

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

One of the most exciting things about this digital time is that I have had the luxury of attending webinars and conferences that I would have not had access to were we not so dependent on technology right now. The thing about attending lots of webinars and conferences is that you often get conflicting information. Because I really like data, I wish that I had started taking data from the start in regards to how we should be living our lives during this pandemic. So far I have learned:

  1. Absolutely wear masks if you are around other people.

  2. Absolutely do not wear a mask unless you have the virus and have to go to the doctor.

  3. Cloth masks should be at least three layers.

  4. Cloth masks should be at least two layers.

  5. Cloth masks are only an accessory and do not help you stay well.

  6. Cloth masks will make you sick because you are breathing in too much carbon dioxide. (Although I am very confused about how oxygen can't get through the mask so you can breathe but it doesn't stop droplets with virus attached)

  7. Taking plaquinil will make you well if you have COVID-19.

  8. DON'T TAKE THE PLAQUINIL! It has side effects that are fatal! (Side note: I have been taking this medication for years and have not found it to be fatal. I will update the blog should that change)

  9. Use hand sanitizer often but not the ones that are toxic.

  10. Stay home as much as possible.

  11. Get out and do things as much as possible.

  12. If you have a meal delivered it should be only a hot meal and you should put it in the microwave briefly to kill any virus that might have gotten on it.

  13. You should wipe down every surface that is touched each time it is touched.

  14. The virus can live in surface for 72, 24, 7, or 3 hours ... or somewhere in between.

  15. The virus cannot live on surfaces.

  16. Leave your packages in the sun a little while before bringing them in so the sunshine will kill the virus before you handle it.

  17. The virus cannot live on surfaces.

  18. Each child should have their own materials that no one touches them except them.

  19. The virus cannot live on surfaces.

  20. Finally, my favorite is that we should live our lives as normally as possible, except for doing and not doing all the things, of course.

There was one more digital meeting which contained a Q&A that broached the following question: If I have to leave my house suddenly because of severe weather and I don't have my mask, is it better to stay in my home or leave my home without my mask? Really?!? I am a strong believer in always using your brain...

The whole reason I sit through these webinars instead of doing something fun and crafty is to make wise and strong decisions for the people we serve at The Bridge of Georgia. It is to have all the latest information which changes daily. Well, sometimes it is to watch that sign language interpreter with Kemp. I want him to come do story time with our kids at The Bridge!

As I clicked "LEAVE MEETING" at the end of a zoom meeting earlier this week I realized two important things. It is absolutely not fair for me to judge other people who are making different choices than me about this virus because on any day you can find conflicting information from credible sources about all of it. I think we all look out for each other and sometimes maybe, even if you don't think you need to wear a mask or maintain social distance, just do it because it helps someone else be comfortable. I am pretty committed to erring on the side of caution without living in fear. That is what I measure most things against.

The second thing I realized is that I am enormously glad that I serve a God that does not change. He is not surprised and He is able to guide us and meet our needs. I hope you know we are relying greatly on His guidance in all the decisions we make concerning The Bridge. We do not make any decisions lightly. I know it is not possible to make everyone happy and that everyone will not agree with everything but do know that your children are precious to us and even more precious to God and we will do our best to do right by them every single time. What I am excited about is that we are making plans to go to school, whatever that looks like, and I simply can't wait! I miss all of you!

I love you fiercely!

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