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Teacher Appreciation

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

As I watched video of our Olympians doing the egg race, I thought how very much it was like our times right now. We are scurrying to catch up and get our world...our lives in order while precariously balancing this pandemic as we go. I cannot believe that we have been living this digital life for almost two months now. This week is teacher appreciation week. I cannot say enough about how the educators at The Bridge of Georgia have stepped up. I am proud to serve with such an awesome group of people This year has tried all of us. We had to learn new things on the fly and support each other in completely different ways. So often when our teachers work with their kids, they look in their eyes and they know they are having a rough day or they have something on their mind or they are feeling some anxiety and through this, they have been flying blind. So thank you, teachers and staff, for all your hard work! I also want to say thank you to our supporting staff which is all you parents who have taken up the baton and worked hard to make your kids' days meaningful in so many ways. I know you think you haven't done enough or done it well enough but I know your kids will remember this season and this special time with you for the rest of their lives. Keep up the good work! Thank you all - the whole Bridge of Georgia family for being my tribe! I am so proud and honored to travel this road with each of you! I love you fiercely

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