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Just Keep Swimming

These have certainly been some unusual days, days in which there is no amount of planning that makes you ready for them. Even on the days we absolutely thought we knew what to expect, we found that we didn't. Those who have traveled this journey with us for any amount of time have found that when things get a little topsy-turvy it usually means that something exciting is right around the corner. I think it is God's way of reminding us that He has greater plans than we can imagine and He is already managing the details. It got to the point, in those early days, that we would be a little giddy and excited when things seemed to be going awry because we knew we were getting ready to witness something exciting, like when money was tight and The Vampire Diaries rented our parking lot to park cars in while they were recording across the street and it paid our rent...or when God has met the needs that in the grand scheme of things were unimportant but they mattered to us and so they mattered to God and He came through. The Bridge is made up of a million little miracles all strung together to make a love story for the kids we love so much. These days, these upside-down, crazy, unpredictable days have left that same stirring in my heart. There has been a holy expectancy as we have seen God work, even in the midst of the chaos of our world. What I have learned, and I suppose, continue to learn is that The Bridge of Georgia has never been out of His care. He is not taken by surprise and, when we pay attention, we see that He gives such very good gifts. I am both thankful and humbled to have a first-row seat to whatever He has in store! Our job is to pay attention so we don't miss His glory... and to just keep swimming!

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