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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Well, it seems this year is finally in the books. See, it’s hard to tell because at the end of the school year you quit going to school and we seem to have done that some time ago. Today was simply beautiful to watch our kids come through that carpool line. I truly wanted to hug each and every one of them. I have been amazed at how each of you and each of your kids have navigated change and the great unknown. Over this unsettled period I have found strength in knowing that God was not taken by surprise in any of this. I have found joy from watching our staff and our families join together to give our kids our very best. That very best was different for each child, for each family, for each staff member. I have been humbled to see each one of you find your footing and give our kids their final days of education for this year. Now we all get to rest. No more waking up and doing school or sending emails back and forth or pulling up Edmentum. It’s time to take care of you. At the end of the day I hope none of us forget the things we learned in this time. Things like adaptability and courage and tenacity. I hope we don’t forget to tend to the relationships we have forged and the everyday life lessons we must continue to share. So enjoy your summer. Take time to nurture your souls. Laugh and cry and hold each other close. I hope we can make this year... this crazy, mixed-up year a foundation of sorts to continue to build in with our kids. Please have a wonderful summer! Love well, live bravely and we can’t wait to see you in the fall! I love you fiercely!

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