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Welcome to The Bridge of Georgia! 
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Welcome to The Bridge of Georgia. We are so glad you found us! While we know a website cannot adequately give you the full experience The Bridge of Georgia offers, we would love to tell you what you will see on any given day at The Bridge.

If you were to make your way through our halls you might witness the spark beginning to return to a child's eyes...a child who finds she is valued and people are coming alongside her to help her build a meaningful and exciting future.  You would see students working hard to build and sustain friendships with the support of staff members who realize socialization skills are among the most important ones they will gain at The Bridge of Georgia.  You would see a staff who loves and believes in their students from the beginning and who seamlessly work together to help students realize their highest potential in every domain. You would see students within each classroom working at many different levels so that each student's needs are being met. 


If you wandered down our halls you would see tools in place like alternate seating for students with sensory challenges, and space for students to be alone when things are simply too overwhelming.  You would see parents who are having opportunities to build relationships in their lives with other parents who walk a similar road and who are working together to support each other and this special place.  


You will witness HOPE being born....


So if you think this might be the place for your child, we invite you to call and set up a visit.  Walk into our classrooms. Meet some of the remarkable parents and staff and even more remarkable students. 


We think that once you step through our doors you just might want to be a part of our family because it is the people that you will meet here who ARE The Bridge of Georgia.  Exciting things are happening here!  Our future is bright and it's because our halls are full of students who are finding their futures are both promising and bright.


Come on in!  We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Our Vision

Our vision is to see students learning in an environment that fosters community and teaches all individuals to see the very best in each other.  It is our vision that acceptance will carry over into the community as children grow up and learn job skills and are looking for their place in their community.  It is our vision to find solutions to the barriers that reduce the opportunity for these individuals to be accepted and valued in the community.  

Knowing that every individual is created with a purpose, we seek to help students fulfill their purpose by providing an inclusive environment to develop their abilities through academics, therapies, social skills, and vocational training to ultimately find a meaningful place within their community.  

Our Mission

The Purpose of THe Academy is to provide optimal learning at every level in an environment that fosters community amongst students at all ability levels.  Our purpose is to teach the way that our students learn so that, in turn, they may reach their highest possible level of success.

Our Purpose

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